Tuesday, July 10 6:00PM

Marketing Working Session and Dinner | $25.00. 

My Clients Only Dinner and Event | $20.00. 

 Funding Assessment | Permission Only

Trying to figure out the best way to raise capital?

Here is a quiz just for you! 

   Google Sheets-- Click here

  Partnership Assessment

  | $29.00

 If you are thinking of taking on a partner-- just remember, partnerships are like marriages.   You have to make sure you are a good fit.  Take this assessment to find out. 

    Microsoft XLS Download 

 Business Plan Template

and Questionnaire | $99.00

 This template helps you create a business plan by simply answering some questions!

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 Accounting Templates | $49.00

Need to get financial numbers

to your accountant quick? 

Try this template. 

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  Marketing 101 | $49.00

  Is your marketing strategy

 off-target?  This worksheet will help you find out what 

  you need to change. 

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