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Do you wish you had a "clone"?  Someone who could be back-up support for you when you need help?  Someone who could:

  • Prepare you for the funding you need BEFORE you grow, so that you won’t be constantly short of cash?
  • Demonstrate how to use your financial statements and create monitors to keep an eye on cash flow BEFORE it becomes a problem?
  • Help create a targeted and focused marketing strategy—knowing where your REAL target market instead of using a lot of hit-or-miss guesses?
  • Bless you with a second set of eyes to assess your business strategy or operations, so you can put an end to the aggravations that keep you up at night?
  • Mitigate your employees’ misunderstandings and devise ways to motivate them to change? 
  • Write or update your business plan using what is already in your head while still addressing all of the above fundamentals?
  • Gather all the information you will need to exit or sell your company and get the process going for you?
  • Create animated presentations and exhilarate audiences while exposing them to important economic, financial, market research and other essential information for small businesses?