NEWS FROM 2/21/2017

Have you ever calculated what you paid for your last meeting?  Just multiply each employee's hourly wage times the hours spent.  Then, ask yourself-- was it WORTH THAT?  If not read this article below.  He has a great suggestion!

NEWS FROM 6/21/2016

Will Smith affirmed one of the concepts that our Founder, Debra Roubik, has been teaching in all of her business classes for years -- marketing is all about KNOWING YOUR TARGET MARKET inside and out.  And, you have to know them better than any of your competitors.   One of the best quotes from Will's discussion of marketing:

"For me there was a huge shift in the idea that you have got to spend the majority of time understanding the other person and not building and creating the other thing that you want to do.

"No matter how great it is, if people don’t want it, you are not going to sell it. The deepest comprehension for me is a shift from product to people and when you shift from product to people I am trusting that If I have a deeper comprehension of people the product that I create is going to be more successful."


NEWS FROM 5/18/2017

Are you having trouble keeping your staff motivated?  Check out

Are you sending the wrong signals to your employees?

Read this article to see. 

"5 Habits Of Exceptionally Likeable Leaders" by Dale Partridge


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NEWS FROM 8/20/2016

You now only have 8 SECONDS to win over customers!  According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, humans now have a shorter attention span than goldfish. 

What does this means for your marketing?  It means that your marketing needs to be laser-beam focused on your target market, and you need to communicate your UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION faster than ever.  Call or email VisionEcon -- we can help!